Bridgette Pratt

Rookie (09/05/1968 / missouri)

Biography of Bridgette Pratt

born into a poor poor family, have always been rejected and kicked around. Friends and family are few and far between.

Bridgette Pratt's Works:

none yet. Updates

All By Myself

I sit and listen as the world goes by. People laughing and talking, and I wonder why.
Why am i alone in a world so silent, why is it just me, why am i so lonely?
It's funny because I just knew my life would be different, I would have friends and things to do, so much that I'd have to repent.
Instead the only voice i hear often is my own or the tv, no phone calls, no picnics, I'm even alone at the movies. There must be something wrong with me.
No life, no love, no one to even call my own.

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