Brie Foust

Rookie (July 18,1999 / Oscoda Michigian)

Biography of Brie Foust

I'm Brie, describing my self is kind of like describing colors to a blind person. Every ones description is different. I love music of all kinds, and I love writing and reading what other people have written. I live in my own world, but that's okay I kinda like it here. Updates

The Missing Piece

Hello, you must know who i am even though you lost me long ago
Or was it the other way around, i might have abandon you my foe
I'm sorry to have left but it was rather quite needed
I ignored how you screamed and how you pleaded

I have been gone for too long I'm sorry to say
I didn't want to play a part in your rather depressing play
Do you not remember?
I am the glue and tape that held you together

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