(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

(brief renderings) Joe Fazio Poems

681. We Shall Meet Again... 2/10/2010
682. My Woman...My Love 2/10/2010
683. People Die...Love Doesn'T 2/10/2010
684. The Color Of Regret... 1/30/2010
685. Morning...Night...Or In Between 1/30/2010
686. One Mans Opinion 2/10/2010
687. The Good In Man... 2/17/2010
688. My Heart Sings... 2/18/2010
689. There Are Times When Honesty Is A Luxury... 2/18/2010
690. An Old Man And A Little Girl... 2/20/2010
691. The Great Beyond 11/16/2009
692. When I Lost You...I Lost Me... 2/17/2010
693. My Song Is You... 2/15/2010
694. Pain...And...Joy 2/17/2010
695. Of Lost Joy...And Fading Memories. 11/18/2009
696. Respect 1/30/2010
697. Lyrics Of Life 1/30/2010
698. Mother... 2/10/2010
699. Stealing Your Joy... 2/23/2010
700. The Roadblock In Life... 2/18/2010
701. My Soul Cries Out...My Heart Speaks... 2/18/2010
702. The Way I Feel... 11/18/2009
703. What Brings Out The Worst In People? Divorce... 2/18/2010
704. You Have Cast Your Spell... 2/10/2010
705. When Is It Love? 2/10/2010
706. Under A Blanket Of Stars 2/10/2010
707. Who Is God? Depends On The Moment. 11/18/2009
708. Songs From The Grave 11/18/2009
709. Weep... 11/16/2009
710. The Measure Of Ones Self 11/16/2009
711. The Most Treasured. 11/16/2009
712. Muted Voices 11/16/2009
713. Unanswered Questions 11/26/2009
714. Tick...Tock...Stop 11/24/2009
715. Should You Enter? 11/27/2009
716. The Sound...The Taste Of You 11/19/2009
717. When You Come... 11/21/2009
718. Man Made Miseries 11/24/2009
719. Secrets Of The Night 11/18/2009
720. One...Just One Time! 11/18/2009

Comments about (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

  • Love Poet Love Poet (5/10/2014 1:32:00 PM)

    i love this poem it's full of passionate words and it's beautiful

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  • Cassie Smith (11/8/2012 12:58:00 PM)

    I love his poems.
    They are very meaningful and thoughful.
    And agian i just love them so much.
    They are very well written.

  • Lashawn Lovell (2/15/2010 3:46:00 PM)

    your poems are very well written.

Best Poem of (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

Kisses For You...

I once heard these words in a song;
'You must remember this...a kiss is
just a kiss...a sigh is just a sigh, ' etc.

With you...nothing...nothing, could be
further from the truth.

Your kiss, is a ride among the stars,
a shower of moon beams and a
sailboat ride, in the Garden Of Eden.

Kissing you...is an out of body experience,
a transport to paradise and a creation
of ultimate passion and joy.

Kissing, every part of who you are, is
truly a banquet of love.

Let me feast of your love and of your lips,
for I am in love with you. Let...

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How intelligent is man, when he remains
the only beast in the kingdom to prey
on his own species? I believe that many successful people,
leave in their path, countless orphans of success.
© Joe Fazio

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