(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

(brief renderings) Joe Fazio Poems

1281. Have I Waited To Long? 2/20/2010
1282. The Best Time Of Day... 2/20/2010
1283. How Could You Ask Such A Question? 2/20/2010
1284. Wishful Thinking...? 2/20/2010
1285. Reaching Out... 2/20/2010
1286. Of Youth And Years Gone By... 2/20/2010
1287. My Time...My Turn... 2/20/2010
1288. A Star Crossed Journey... 2/20/2010
1289. Stolen Tomorrows... 2/20/2010
1290. Sing Me A Love Song... 2/20/2010
1291. Sunset And Sadness... 2/20/2010
1292. Give Me Just One More Day... 2/20/2010
1293. The Voice From Within... 2/20/2010
1294. Anvil Of Live... 2/20/2010
1295. Secret Of The Sea... 2/20/2010
1296. Mine Alone... 2/20/2010
1297. Lady...You'Re Drivin' Me Crazy! 2/20/2010
1298. Are People Lying To Me? 2/20/2010
1299. Ticket To Heaven... 2/20/2010
1300. Something Wrong With This Picture... 2/20/2010
1301. Then...It's Okay Wtih Me... 2/20/2010
1302. Don'T Forget Them... 2/20/2010
1303. I Have One? Do You? 2/20/2010
1304. Never Spoken. Never Written... 2/20/2010
1305. I'Ll Meet You There... 2/20/2010
1306. How Do You Know You'Re Right? 2/20/2010
1307. You Brought The Sunlight... 2/20/2010
1308. Of Flesh And Bone And Broken Pieces... 2/20/2010
1309. Hold Back The Tears... 2/20/2010
1310. Expations Of Love... 2/21/2010
1311. Has Your Love Been Returned? 2/21/2010
1312. Just One Mans Opinion 2/21/2010
1313. Gone...Are Our Yesterdays 2/20/2010
1314. When Days Are Gone... 2/20/2010
1315. The Stage Of Life... 2/20/2010
1316. Away From Your Embrace... 2/20/2010
1317. I Will Never Forget... 2/20/2010
1318. As Ye Plant...So Shall Ye Receive... 2/20/2010
1319. I Am Man... 2/20/2010
1320. Decades...Followed By Answers... 2/20/2010

Comments about (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

  • Love Poet Love Poet (5/10/2014 1:32:00 PM)

    i love this poem it's full of passionate words and it's beautiful

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  • Cassie Smith (11/8/2012 12:58:00 PM)

    I love his poems.
    They are very meaningful and thoughful.
    And agian i just love them so much.
    They are very well written.

  • Lashawn Lovell (2/15/2010 3:46:00 PM)

    your poems are very well written.

Best Poem of (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

Kisses For You...

I once heard these words in a song;
'You must remember this...a kiss is
just a kiss...a sigh is just a sigh, ' etc.

With you...nothing...nothing, could be
further from the truth.

Your kiss, is a ride among the stars,
a shower of moon beams and a
sailboat ride, in the Garden Of Eden.

Kissing you...is an out of body experience,
a transport to paradise and a creation
of ultimate passion and joy.

Kissing, every part of who you are, is
truly a banquet of love.

Let me feast of your love and of your lips,
for I am in love with you. Let...

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Each day of life, is precious and
a treasure of unequalled value.
© Joe Fazio

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