Brittany Ellison

Biography of Brittany Ellison

I am 14 ive been writing since I was 9 I called them raps which i guess is a type of poetry. Music is my life and I try to have fun with it. I love the outdoors and just down to Earth girl but I don't so much want fame and all of that I just want to get noticed and see what peoples opinions are. Some of them are more down well I've been through alot for my age but I'm trying to get back to life and make the best out of every thing Updates


aiyo yo,
I just keep on going call me the energizer bunny/if i st-stutter call me a lil' clumsy/ but why disk me when your the one playing with a blow up dummy/anything from original, mix it up like a V8 fusion/Rhymes crazy enough to make you see a delusion/mass confusion and talented enough to give the blind illusions/I'm hard as steel toe boots/but why judge me I'm a tree with roots/ Yeah there's a story behind this curtain/ like the pink panther seems somebody is lurkin'/My anger comes out

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