Brittany Marsh

Rookie (07-01-1992 / jamestown NY)

Brittany Marsh Poems

41. Deapest Dream 5/12/2006
42. My Friend 5/12/2006
43. My Sister... At Least To Me 5/12/2006
44. When The Snow Starts To Fall 5/12/2006
45. The Hurt That Is Felt 5/12/2006
46. 'I Love You, Too' 3/19/2008
47. I Know Its Not Much 3/19/2008
48. Leaving. 3/19/2008
49. Take Care 3/19/2008
50. Life Story 3/27/2008
51. I Read It Today.4-3-08, ...You Told Me Not To. I Shoudnt Have. 4/3/2008
52. Something That I Never Would Have Expected 3/8/2009
53. Empty 5/12/2006
54. Kendall R.I.P. 12/5/2007
55. Just Dont 12/5/2007
56. Blame Me 12/5/2007
57. Painful 12/5/2007
58. Over You 12/16/2007
59. Pointless 12/16/2007
60. So Wrong? 5/12/2006
61. Standing In The Rain 5/12/2006
62. The Snow 5/12/2006
63. Skips A Beat 5/12/2006
64. Open Up 5/12/2006
65. Untitled 12/16/2007
66. Addicted To Words 12/16/2007
67. A Love Thrice Lost 12/16/2007
68. My Purpose? 5/12/2006
69. Ask Myself Why? 5/12/2006
70. This Thing 3/15/2008
71. Daddy 12/16/2007
72. Realization 5/12/2006
Best Poem of Brittany Marsh


You don't realize that it's happened
until it's all said and done
You say it's just a joke
Your just having some harmless fun
Then later it just hits you
That you really hit somone hard
You realized that you played the deck
And picked the lowest card
Whats said is said, done is done
You can never take it all back
The love and trust that was
May very well lack
There is a lesson in this poem
This very poem im writing
It's to end the grief we cause
The hating and fighting
It's to put yourself where they are
To feel the hurt they feel
It's to...

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The Littlest Things

You don't appreciate it much
Till it's all gone away
It's the littlest things that you miss
The insignificant things that stay
Like going to the park
And tossing a penny in the fountain
Or driving on the road
And marveling at the mountain
So take life as it comes

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