Brittany Perez

Rookie (1992 / San Antonio, TX)

Biography of Brittany Perez

I am sixteen years old and currently attending Brook Academy for Science and Engineering. I have always had a love for poetry and writing. I have been writing poetry since I was in eighth grade and writing short stories to pass the time. I would like to make a career out of it but I am also studying to be an aerospace engineer. My poems are very emotional and focus around love, pain, and family affairs. I haven't written very many poems but I write evry day when I have free time. Poetry is my way of letting emotions out and they are deep and meaningful. My poems are a portal into my innermost thoughts. Feel free to read and comment my poetry. Updates

Something Called Love

When we met it was love at first sight,
The romance was there
But was forgotten by sunrise.

Slowly we opened up to each other,
Sharing our innermost thoughts,
Feelings we couldn't help but show.

Our friends began to see us together,

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