Brittnee Perlin

Biography of Brittnee Perlin

I am a 14 year old girl. Im crazy, probably a terrible child with all the stupid shit i do. Im deppressed and i sometimes i hate everything im dating my girl gabby and my best friends mean everything poetry is a passion i have and it lets me vent in ways i normally cant. Updates

Over It

Today was supposed to be a wonderful day, but is just turned out to be a day of disregard.
its started from the top.and now we eneded up here in a dark bottomless pit

of sorrow and cries and people wishing for everything to be alright, becuase we just keep holding everything in and never let out it, how nice?

I wish that you werent so niave to understand that you are the cause of my pain, I want to cry but people will just asuume im insaine.

I start to wonder if anyone still cares

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