Brittney Lydy

Rookie (4/22/1987 / Indiana)

Biography of Brittney Lydy

I am nineteen years old and have always been interested in poetry. I have been writing poems since the 5th grade. I used to only write when I was mad or to make others laugh.Now i write when I am happy, sad, or find something to write about.Writngs poems is somethig that I am good at and something that I love to do.Poetry is a part of me and althoug I may only be an amatuer at it I love it. I always look back at my peoms and try to remember what I was thinking at the time and what I was doing. Sometimes I
just laugh at what was said and sometimes I cry and remember that I am only human and that I am happy writning about what I want to write about. Updates

I Heard From You Today

I heard from you today
Isn't it funny how nothing has changed
You made me think of the past
How it all came back so fast
I thot of the fun times
That we had
Like running from my dad
On Valentines Day
Oh how I had to pay

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