Brittney Pennington

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Biography of Brittney Pennington

I attend kellogg High School. And have ran for Miss.Kellogg. My love for poerty runs as deap as my pride and love for my crounty. Wich I hope same I'll be given the honor of becoming a mairn. which is why I'll be enter into my Thrid year of Jr.R.OT.C.....recent updat I have graduated from high school and I am now a marine my mos is 3043

Brittney Pennington's Works:

WHISPERS a collection of short works
PG: 98

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I saw with blind eyes
And false hope
I trusted you
I didn't see the ace
up your sleeve
tell i fell on my face
I set alone in the dark
with shame by my side
and hate in my heart
You lied to me
you said you loved me
but yet you were with her

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