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i like writing but my skills are not up to par yet and im currently working on them slowly but surely

well my name is Brittney Walker and i am 17 about to turm 18 on May 30 i'm interested in books of fiction and non fiction well might as well sayh all books right lol but i enjoy sing and writing and will ove to improve my skill now i think i decided what i want to to go to school for maybe some type of writingt but first i need to learn how to type lol but yeah see i was thinking about being a photographer for porn but thats just a dream for now you know but i do want to try it alot though i think it would be fun because i am a crazy person lol but yea thats it for now

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i dont have anybooks published but when i was living in Hawaii and i was attending Leilehua High School they have a school magazine called Impressions and i had one of my poems published in the 2008 edtion... Updates

Lasting Memories....

A thought of you has brought a smile to my face..

The memories we have that no time can erase

Will always last forever cause forever will remain

Until the time we lost together be regain.......

With hugs and kiss and sweet whispers from one and another

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