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acsaacac 27 January 2020

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Ruby Honeytip 05 August 2012

I am new to poetry. Your words inspire me and I would love for you to pop by to see what I have written. Take care: -)

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John Kennedy 26 July 2012

i love this poem wish i could be there to hold you out of the dreadful darkness

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Emo Boy mike 07 April 2012

Ur poems r great10++^^

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Anthony Mcduffie 01 December 2011

Fantastic poet :) & I would say more, but I'm still too speechless ;)

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Surya Shaji 15 October 2011

It's really nice and touching! ! !

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Nova Saleh 22 July 2011

your poems are really good really emotional and touching I will definately read more oh and feel free to check out my poems I'm kinda new at this. http: //

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Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 14 June 2010

I read a few of your poems for now, and I don't see a weak writer I see a 15 year old expressing herself and the world around her. You want to write? Then write, no one can tell you what to write, your telling the story, your telling the world. If you hadn't noticed by now your a creator, Develop your own style, If you hadn't noticed by now this your world and your voice makes whatever universe, multi-verse, or multiple dimesion you want. Keep writing...

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