Broken heart emo

Broken heart emo Poems

1. Untitled 2 5/23/2010
2. This War Isn'T Ours 8/26/2011
3. Never Again 3/9/2012
4. Over You. 9/29/2011
5. My Inspiration 10/10/2011
6. The Beautifully Broken 4/22/2013
7. Let Go 10/16/2011
8. Torn Land 7/2/2012
9. Tangle Of Existence 8/23/2011
10. Untitled 1/3/2010
11. Cold 11/11/2013
12. Writing Therapy 9/23/2012
13. My Star 7/31/2009
14. Goodbye Lullaby 8/1/2012
15. Life As We Know It 10/20/2011
16. Last Laugh 10/16/2011
17. Why? 7/14/2010
18. The Monster In Your Head 9/2/2011
19. In Death's Hands - Cancer 9/29/2011
20. Your Love 8/3/2009
21. Darkness Everywhere 11/26/2009
22. Dreamers 5/29/2012
23. I Quit 9/11/2011
24. I'M A Fool 9/11/2011
25. His Absence 10/16/2011
26. Haunted Cries 7/2/2011
27. Just Friends 5/10/2012
28. What If? 3/9/2012
29. I Miss You: ( 9/4/2010
30. Coming Of You 9/2/2011
31. I'M Strong, Aren'T I? 8/23/2011
32. To My Mom 7/20/2010
33. Dying So Young 8/10/2011
34. I'M Sorry 11/25/2010
35. Pain 4/26/2010
36. Inside Me 7/1/2009
37. She'Ll Survive 4/25/2010
38. Fear 10/25/2011
39. What You Left Behind 8/2/2009
40. My Love 7/1/2009

Comments about Broken heart emo

  • Ruby Honeytip Ruby Honeytip (8/5/2012 7:21:00 PM)

    I am new to poetry. Your words inspire me and I would love for you to pop by to see what I have written. Take care: -)

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  • John Kennedy (7/26/2012 9:37:00 AM)

    i love this poem
    wish i could be there
    to hold you out of the
    dreadful darkness

  • Emo Boy mike (4/7/2012 9:37:00 PM)

    Ur poems r great10++^^

  • Anthony Mcduffie Anthony Mcduffie (12/1/2011 3:18:00 AM)

    Fantastic poet :) & I would say more, but I'm still too speechless ;)

  • Surya Shaji (10/15/2011 6:08:00 AM)

    It's really nice and touching! ! !

  • Nova Saleh (7/22/2011 12:35:00 PM)

    your poems are really good really emotional and touching I will definately read more oh and feel free to check out my poems I'm kinda new at this. http: //

  • Darrin Mcmiller Jr. (6/14/2010 7:31:00 PM)

    I read a few of your poems for now, and I don't see a weak writer I see a 15 year old expressing herself and the world around her. You want to write? Then write, no one can tell you what to write, your telling the story, your telling the world. If you hadn't noticed by now your a creator, Develop your own style, If you hadn't noticed by now this your world and your voice makes whatever universe, multi-verse, or multiple dimesion you want. Keep writing...

Best Poem of Broken heart emo

A Girl's Love

My heart beats faster when Im with you
My mind is always on you
You are the only thing i think about
Im always caught up with your smile then to listen to you
And im sorry for that!
I only want to spend time wth you
You are the one who comes in my dreams all the time i sleep
I dont know what happened to me?
What is this feeling?
Can it be?
Is this love?
Yes, this is love!
I love him!
But he doesnt love me
He loves someone else as I see!

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My Love

Your ignorance is killing me inside
All my emotions that i cant hide

Your the only thing thats always on my mind
Why is your heart so blind?

Why cant your see my love for you?
And my pain just grew

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