Broken heart emo

Broken heart emo Poems

41. Love 7/31/2009
42. I Miss You 6/30/2009
43. Heartless 6/30/2009
44. Silent Tears 6/30/2009
45. Fading Away 7/31/2009
46. I Love You Soo.... 6/29/2009
47. Bestfriend 7/3/2009
48. Being A Kid 7/31/2009
49. Betrayal 9/14/2009
50. Break Up 7/18/2009
51. Emo Kid 7/3/2009
52. Broken Heart 7/19/2009
53. A Girl's Love 7/4/2009
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A Girl's Love

My heart beats faster when Im with you
My mind is always on you
You are the only thing i think about
Im always caught up with your smile then to listen to you
And im sorry for that!
I only want to spend time wth you
You are the one who comes in my dreams all the time i sleep
I dont know what happened to me?
What is this feeling?
Can it be?
Is this love?
Yes, this is love!
I love him!
But he doesnt love me
He loves someone else as I see!

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My Love

Your ignorance is killing me inside
All my emotions that i cant hide

Your the only thing thats always on my mind
Why is your heart so blind?

Why cant your see my love for you?
And my pain just grew

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