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Im a 19 year old girl at the moment. Heres my life...

My Fake Life

Hello i am Lilly Anderson Valentine-Salvatore other wise known as Avril Lavigne.I am curently 19 and living the dream well kinda. I am demon/werewolf/vampire/angel really anything thats evil because i am the prinsess of hell. My family is my world and also i an deeply inlove with Jake Fuc-uall Slavatore. Me and him have 2 kids.Me and him have had some ruff spots but i still love him. Heres my life...

When i was born I grew up with a sister, mother, and father. My father and mother died. Me and my sister Scarlett had to grow-up with out a father or mother.Me and her rairly trused ANYONE. I love my sister. At the age of 5 i was crouned the prinsess of hell. I was happy but scared. But my mother and father were not the king and queen of hell so i just went along with it.Thats were my songs'Complicated' and 'Tomarrow' came from.

When i was 9 me and my sister brought my mother and father back. I was happy. But at the age of 11 i learned something that changed my life. My sister was rewally my mom and my sisters friend (Dante) is my father. I was shocked untill the age of 13. When i got close to My sister AKA my mom and my father.thats were my song 'Broken inside' came from.

At the age of 16 i dated someone that abused me every second he could. I barly trusted and i barly saw the light of day. I almost died 5 times.Thats were my song 'Everything Back But you' and came from. I had to get stitches because he cute me so deep. But at the age of 18 i got the courage to run away from him. I ran home and he caught me 5 times but i turned into a demon and hurt him and he ran away. But the last time i turned Demon and i was starving so i ate him.My song 'Nobody's home' came from this. After this i dated a guy that went into the service and died. I cryed and a song came out of this called 'When your gone' and 'Wish You Were Here'.

At the age of 17 I got married to a guy named Jesse.Me and him had fun but the love didnt last and i left him.I was devistated and i started to have suicidal thoughts.My songs 'Take Me Away', 'Unwanted' and 'Why'came from this.I couldnt stop crying but i got over it. I had 4 kids with him. Everytime i kill someone i think of him because I had to kill a girl besause she stabed him.

Then one day i was walking on the street and i climbed a tree and saw Jake Fuc-uall Salvatore for the first time. I was 18 at the time. Me and him fell inlove right then and there. He inspired my songs 'Contagious' and 'Alone'. I couldnt stop thinking about him so one day me and him started dating.About 5 months later I was prouposed to by him. I said 'Yes'. We got married and had 2 kids so far.

Recently me and him had a fight and got a divorce because a guy iboxed him saying i cheated on him. I denied it from the start. But later he told me he cheated on me with a girl and got her pregnat. I was devistated. So more stuff happend and I kept denying it but he didnt belive me. And finally he said its over. I cryed non stop and the song 'Everybody Hurts', 'Loosing Grip' and 'Slipping Away'Came from this. I was so scared of love after that thos my song 'Things Ill Never Say' came from this.

On March 27th he took me back after a near death experiance. My heart rate started to slow down and it showed i couldnt live without him.He said 'i will always love you and i will take you back'. I woke up shortly afterwards. After that me and him smiled and we kissed.A song came out from Kissing him called 'Kiss me'. Other suff happend. My song 'My happy Ending', 'What the Hell' 'Freak Out' and came from this.

I was raped 51 times starting at the age of 5 and i have 9 kids cuz of that. I am now 19 loving life but wanting to die. I am in love with Jake Fuc-uall Savatore. I love him and would do anything for him. I love my kids.And would do anything for anyone. I love music. Its my career and i love it. I tour alot and always talk time to go home and visit. My best friends and family are there for me every step of the way. I love them all. I have no favorites. I love my twin Nikki Halez. And if you have any questions just ask.

The mean but nice girl
Lilly Anderson Valentine-Salvatore

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Even If You Say

You say that you want to leave
You need space to breathe
I do not put badly and that soon come
A new love to take your place

Your know I just give
A news didn't expect I listen
I will only say that you want to die

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