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A Space In My Heart

A space in my heart, for a special person
Who’s ready to give her love and attention
Somebody who listens, when I don’t make sense
Someone who stays, when my world’s gonna end

A space in my heart, I’ll leave it just for you
Coz you never fail to color my grey skies blue
For sharing me things, I never knew exist
True friendship that we both can’t resist

A space in my heart, is a gift I could offer
And a smile on my face, coz I know that you’re there
A picture we took, when were still together
It will be on my memory, and it will leave never

A ...

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Breaking Me Inside

I keep on asking God why?
Does he have to make me cry;
when all i've been doing,
is to keep this love for him going.
Why do i have to be ignored?
When i give him a warm hug when he is cold.
Why do i have to beg and plead?
When only a little time is all i need.