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You’re the only one who makes me feel this way
My thoughts turn to you every night and day
I wonder if you’re okay or if something’s not good
I will be here if you call me, I would

Your smile makes my day so fine
Just like the sun, as pretty as it shines
How can I tell you that the one I like is you?
When you have her and I’m just a friend for you

But then, again you won’t hear me say a word
I’ll just sit right next to you, and ‘till you see what’s inside of me
But it would never happen, coz whenever she’s there
You can’t see me anymore, just like the ...

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Miss Him.. Hate Him..

i miss him when he's not around
i hate him when he's there
i miss him when i feel so down
i hate him when he doesnt care

i miss his funny and weird jokes
i hate it when he picks on me
i miss his smile and gorgeous looks
i hate it when he scares me