broken soul.. No more

broken soul.. No more Poems

41. Without You 9/16/2008
42. Waiting..... 1/30/2009
43. Words I Couldnt Say 1/30/2009
44. _last Smile_ 1/30/2009
45. I Wonder If 1/30/2009
46. _agony_ 1/30/2009
47. Broken Dream 1/30/2009
48. Until Then 1/30/2009
49. ~answered Prayer~ 1/30/2009
50. Getting Better 6/3/2007
51. Goodbye 6/5/2007
52. Arigatou.. Bestfriend.. 6/20/2007
53. Moving On 6/20/2007
54. Reality Bites 11/11/2007
55. Leaving 3/10/2008
56. Leaving Me Behind 6/5/2007
57. Am I Ready? 1/15/2008
58. Look At Me 6/19/2008
59. If You Only Knew 2/29/2008
60. Missing You (On Valentines Day) 2/29/2008
61. Chance 1/14/2008
62. End 1/14/2008
63. Sad Thoughts 6/23/2007
64. 10 Things I Hate About You 6/16/2007
65. I Love You 6/11/2007
66. Just Another Sad Heartache 6/3/2007
67. Permanent Ink 7/10/2008
68. Invisible 7/28/2008
69. For You 3/6/2008
70. Agony Of A Broken Soul 6/3/2007
71. For My Bestfriend 1/30/2009
72. My Best Friend 11/11/2007
73. Girl In My Mirror 1/13/2008
74. ~inflicted Pain~ 11/18/2007
75. Goodbye To You 11/11/2007
76. Bestfriend.... (No More) 6/20/2007
77. A Space In My Heart 6/3/2007
78. ♥ Friend Of Mine♥ 1/27/2009
79. *hope* 1/30/2009

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You’re the only one who makes me feel this way
My thoughts turn to you every night and day
I wonder if you’re okay or if something’s not good
I will be here if you call me, I would

Your smile makes my day so fine
Just like the sun, as pretty as it shines
How can I tell you that the one I like is you?
When you have her and I’m just a friend for you

But then, again you won’t hear me say a word
I’ll just sit right next to you, and ‘till you see what’s inside of me
But it would never happen, coz whenever she’s there
You can’t see me anymore, just like the ...

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Leaving Me Behind

So sudden u turn your back on me,
As if im the most annoying thing you see
Though you havent said it, your eyes show it all
And with the way you treat me now, i wish i didnt fall..

I dont know what to do, what i did wrong?
Is it something that you've been keeping for so long?
Why not tell me now, to clear this hanging mind,
Dont be cruel, dont try to be so unkind..

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