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I'm Mila J. Talja, from 9014, Gingoog city, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. As describe by people I knew, I'm a very quite person, charming, frank and candid. A have lots of compliments that I never knew I was such us I have a Kayumanggi-Bronze beauty. People I know call me by this thirty-four names according to their choice:
1. Mila
2. Tals
3. Ga
4. MilaBaby
5. Millai
6. Milz
7. Mil
8. Buotan
9. La
10. Wafa
11. Lai
12. Taljamz
13. Milang
14. Lalai
15. Lelai
16. Mel
17. Day/day
18. Ate
19. Mam
20. Mate
21. Miga
22. Ate Milz
23. Classmate
24. Madam
25. Bestfriend
26. Batch
27. Lola
28. Idol
29. My
30. Alim
31. Lami
32. Gwapa
33. Mi
34. goddess-bronze

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What are you? I am a man
Who are you? I am a person
People, I am not just a man but a person of values and clearly knows the purpose of my existence

Respect every peoples worth
If you can’t then you are not human
Respect them for who they are and what they have
Above all respect yourself

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