Brooke Schmidt

Biography of Brooke Schmidt

I have always been called weird for loving anything to do with reading or writing.I'm also the quite person that prefers to hide her face. But i do get along with every one I'm just the shy girl. Just like probably all poets all of my poems are about how i feel or about my past. Updates

Beauty Isn'T A Lie

Beauty has so many meanings. Hidden behind all the lies.
It could be so hard to find. at times when u aren't looking.
It finds you. it passes you everyday. you don't always see.
It's easy to look away. to hid so you don't get heart.
to not look for it makes you save.But your tell all the lies.
you can't hide from it. It's all around.
if only you would open your eyes.
to see the world how it was meant to be.
i know how it feels to hide. to not want to see.

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