Brookelyn Walker

Biography of Brookelyn Walker

My parents divorced when I was 10, and at that time I stupidly had a boyfriend, who abused me and I walked home every day with bruises and a new lie. I am now 15 and am strugling with getting away from my abusive mother who drinks herself to sleep every night. I am planning on moving to New York when I am 18. I write poems to get thing off my chest. And I quite honestly don't care who reads them. Updates

Lakeside Veiw Of Life

The Lake was aflame in the bright morning sun,
The Trees whispered, telling to run.
I took a step, then another,
Quickened pace in both fear and haste.
The waves lapped at the dock,
I reached the end, a weight holding me.
I heard a voice, faint but bold,
'Wait! 'But it's too late
I fell,

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