Brooks Reitz

(Henderson, Kentucky)

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  • Barbie Griffith (2/21/2005 12:26:00 AM)

    Brooks' 7th grade English teacher here... I thought of you tonight when I heard about the death of Hunter S. Thompson. Did a general web search for your name, which led me here. Not all that surprised, but proud to see you continued your writing journey. Remember the famous person I said you would be like someday? I still have a copy of your writing portfolio. I hope you and yours are doing well. I am still teaching, but not in KY. I am now in TN, happily married, with two little ones. Anyone who knows Brooks, email me and updat me on how he is doing these days. Thanks! ! !

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I Dropped Out Of School

Oh yeah B,
I be paying dat rent,
but dat 2 bucks
is da' best I ever spent.
Day got runnin water,
all up in here,
My lady's so happy,
she be all screaming up in mine's ear.

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