Bruce Beaver

(14 Februrary 1928 - 17 February 2004 / New South Wales / Australia)

Bruce Beaver Poems

1. Cat Lady 4/30/2012
2. Death's Directives (I) 4/30/2012
3. Death's Directives (Ii) 4/30/2012
4. East Of Atlan 4/30/2012
5. Lauds And Plants (Xiv) 4/30/2012
6. Letters To Live Poets (Vi) 4/30/2012
7. Letters To Live Poets (Xii) 4/30/2012
8. Lunch Date 4/30/2012
9. Merging Aspects 4/30/2012
10. Myth 4/30/2012
11. Old Flame 4/30/2012
12. Poem For Adrienne Rich (I) 4/30/2012
13. Poem For Adrienne Rich (Ii) 4/30/2012
14. Poems For Adrienne Rich (Iv) 4/30/2012
15. Prelude 4/30/2012
16. Rationale 4/30/2012
17. Seer 4/30/2012
18. Visitation 4/30/2012
19. Poems For Adrienne Rich (Iii) 4/30/2012
20. Monolith 4/30/2012
21. Letters To Live Poets (I) 4/30/2012

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Best Poem of Bruce Beaver

Letters To Live Poets (I)

God knows what was done to you.
I may never find out fully.
The truth reaches us slowly here,
is delayed in the mail continually
or censored in the tabloids. The war
now into its third year
remains undeclared.
The number of infants, among others, blistered
and skinned alive by napalm
has been exaggerated
by both sides we are told,
and the gas does not seriously harm
does not kill but is merely
unbearably nauseating.
Apparently none of this
is happening to us.

I meant to write to you more than a
ago. Then there was as much to hear,
as ...

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East Of Atlan

<i>for Dorothy Porter </i>
Square white roofs with square white towers.
Above them, balconies of white
abutting, tables richly bearing
fruit and wine, with amply cushioned
curving divans of carved wood.
Several figures, fair haired, supply
tall in pastel gowns, one white
as the shining bright of the balcony.

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