Bruce Deitrick Price

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Biography of Bruce Deitrick Price

Novelist; author of seven books; artist; poet, and education reformer.

Thing I'm most excited about at this time is I just redesigned my lit site A nice miscellany of poetry, essays, fiction.

During the last year, I've gone very aggressively back into fiction, new projects and old projects. See covers of my new novels on

My ed site is

Bruce Deitrick Price's Works:

AMERICAN DREAMS,1984, Permanent Press, still in print
Too Easy,1994, Simon & Schuster, available on web; soon to be e-bbok
The Education Enigma,2008, on Amazon.
The Man Who Falls In Love With His Wife, e-book on Kobo Updates

Theoryland / Canto I


Clarity is the cruelest mode,
patients aetherized on the table must be code.
How then do I hide my hermeneutic rear
as I fashion a career?
How do I swell a progress, start a fad or two?
Advise the Dean, like me an eager goose?
Ambitious too, so he hates to be of use....

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