Bruce Morse Biography

I was born in New York City in 1943. I began writing poetry in the fourth grade and eventually attended the poetry workshop at the University of Iowa. I graduated from New York University. I did a year of graduate school in English Literature before working
in journalism at the New York Times and Bergen Record.
In the mid sixties I learned to play the guitar and started writing songs. I also began to become interested in photography. To support myself I worked as a carpenter, cook,
teacher, healthcare worker, glass blower etc.
I had three sons in my first marriage which ended after we lost our eldest in a car accident.
I found painting as a way of coping with my grief and coming to terms with my loss.
I have explored many mediums and the art making has been a transformational journey that has put me in touch with my soul in a new and deeper way.
I remarried and my wife and I have two daughters.
When my father died a wrote a book to help me come to terms with a long difficult relationship and put the past behind me. The book is called Forgive Myself.

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