Bryan Appleyard

Biography of Bryan Appleyard

Bryan Appleyard (born 24 August 1951, Manchester) is a British journalist and author.

Appleyard was educated at Bolton School and King’s College, Cambridge and after graduating with a degree in English, he became Financial News Editor and Deputy Arts Editor from 1976 to 1984 at The Times. Subsequently he became a freelance journalist.

Currently he is a special feature writer, commentator, reviewer and columnist for The Sunday Times. He also reviews books for the New Statesman. He has also written for, among other publications, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Independent, The Tablet, The Times Literary Supplement, Literary Review and The Sun.

Bryan Appleyard's Works:

The Culture Club: Crisis in the Arts
Richard Rogers: a biography
The Pleasures of Peace: Art and Imagination in Postwar Britain
The First Church of the New Millennium: a novel
Brave New Worlds: Genetics and the Human Experience
Aliens: Why They Are Here
How to Live Forever or Die Trying - Published 22 Jan 2007 Simon & Schuster

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