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1. My Strategic Strategy 9/3/2009
2. The Winning Side 9/3/2009
3. A Sharp Sword 3/3/2010
4. Enter At Your Own Risk 3/3/2010
5. Outside The Box 3/3/2010
6. The Reverse Effect 3/3/2010
7. Poetry 3/3/2010
8. Stormy Waters 3/3/2010
9. Searching For An Answer 3/3/2010
10. Surviving The Recession 7/12/2009
11. Questioning The Mind 7/28/2009
12. Since We Parted 3/3/2010
13. No Regrets 3/3/2010
14. I Am A Poet 3/3/2010
15. As Things Unravel 3/3/2010
16. Words Unspoken 3/3/2010
17. Answers Within 3/3/2010
18. In Your Memory 3/3/2010
19. I Stand Alone 3/3/2010
20. Back To The Basics 10/18/2013
21. A Real American 12/6/2013
22. The Resistance 3/19/2014
23. As Life Goes Bye 3/3/2010
24. A Diamond Of Many Facets 3/3/2010
25. The Kiss 3/3/2010
26. Toast To Life 7/12/2009
27. The Spider Awaits 7/28/2009
28. Stepping Into The Light 7/12/2009
29. Inner Strength 8/4/2009

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Best Poem of Bryan Pegram

Inner Strength

I can feel this hunger inside as it grows,
It used to be a faint light, but now it glows.

Inadvertently, it reveals what I don’t expose,
Like a canine that finds you with using its nose.

The feeling inside is hard to express,
It’s giving out a signal that reads distress.

Therefore, I have to play this like a game of chess,
Otherwise walking forward will be a total mess.

This economy we’re in has no finesse,
It will cut you down and leave you with less.

And it doesn’t matter what you had,
You will be looking for a new job in a newspaper...

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Questioning The Mind

Are the mysteries of Life two sided?
Like we already know what’s decided.

We all feel an urge inside,
But we walk on a path that will ultimately hide.

What we feel or want to say is mostly kept hidden,
As though our own wants are somewhat forbidden.

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