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And Then...She Was Gone

Once there was a lonely girl
Who wished for things she did not need
She would kneel down on her knees
For hours she would beg and plead

She wanted to be Princess
She wanted to be Queen
She wanted people to love her
But she really wanted to be seen

When she finally got her wish
She sat overlooking the sight
On her throne above all
She realized this was not right

Some say she wished too hard
Some say she wished too long
But then we awoke one autumn day
To find that she was gone

The trees they say stood witness
The sky refused to ...

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What I Wish

As the blood runs down my arms
And the tears fall down my face
The only thing I wish for
Is to be out of this horrible place

I wish I could control it
This horrible pain inside
Everyday I want to run away
Just run away and hide