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41. My White Crayon 5/9/2007
42. Someday I Will Be Loved 10/21/2007
43. Photograph 6/25/2006
44. Grafitti 1/25/2007
45. Craig (Goodbye) 2/1/2007
46. Blood Level 5/9/2007
47. Abuse 5/9/2007
48. I Miss You Daddy 5/9/2007
49. Goodbye Father Time, Hello Death 3/15/2007
50. Six Feet Below 1/25/2007
51. Versus (Vs.) 1/25/2007
52. Trapped 12/23/2006
53. What I'M Made Of 1/25/2007
54. Poor Thing 6/25/2006
55. I Tried 6/26/2006
56. Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses 2/1/2007
57. And Then...She Was Gone (Part 2) 7/3/2006
58. And Then...She Was Gone 6/25/2006
59. Africa 6/25/2006

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And Then...She Was Gone (Part 2)

She chose to walk alone
Though others wondered why
Refused to look before her,
Kept eyes cast upwards,
Towards the sky.

She didn't have companions
No need for earthly things.
Only wanted freedom,
From what she felt were
Puppet strings.

She longed to be a bird. That she might fly away.
She pitied every blade of grass
For planted they would stay.

She longed to be a flame,
That brightly danced alone.
Felt jealous of the steam
That made the air its only home.

Some say she wished too hard.
Some say she wished too long.

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It's Only Me

I scream but no one hears
I cry but no one can see
These things really happen
But they only happen to me

The sound echos in my head
The tears sting my eyes
I wish I could stop them
People telling all the lies