Rookie (June 9th 1990 / Little Rock, Arkansas)

Biography of BUCK WILD

Well really I dont kno what to say Im just a young inspired poet and musician. I have been through many things and I kno that it is some people that can relate to me. really I guess I have a passion for writing and since its hard for me to express my feelings and thoughts in any other way I write alot.
My name is Buck and I am a performing artist/song writer for KingOne$hot inc. and this is what i love 2 do in my spare time. I can be very deep at times....

To find out more about me and my label search KingOne$hotinc.com or contact me at thawildbuck@yahoo.com

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Tha Love Pt.1

As tha sun glistens off of her caramel complexion, her beautiful brown eyes look over in my direction, and as she starts to smile I see tha pearliest of white, she is tha type of woman one would make a lovely wife, both of our eyes meet and then right before I speak, she kisses me and almost swept me off my feet, my heart skips a beat so I stutter,

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