Rookie (June 9th 1990 / Little Rock, Arkansas)

Biography of BUCK WILD

Well really I dont kno what to say Im just a young inspired poet and musician. I have been through many things and I kno that it is some people that can relate to me. really I guess I have a passion for writing and since its hard for me to express my feelings and thoughts in any other way I write alot.
My name is Buck and I am a performing artist/song writer for KingOne$hot inc. and this is what i love 2 do in my spare time. I can be very deep at times....

To find out more about me and my label search KingOne$hotinc.com or contact me at thawildbuck@yahoo.com

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One's Thoughts

My mind is blank as if it were an empty room without light.
My soul is cold as if it were filled with ice from winters night.
My heart is hurt as if it were a bird with broken wings.
My body is tired as if it were suffering from all these things.
So confused, I dont know what to so where does one go,
when body is tired, mind is blank, heart is hurt, and soul is cold.
Eyes are searching for the lies but one cannot see.
Ears are listening to the truth but refuse to believe.
Suddenly, Tha

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