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I write songs, sing, and entertain people. I have been asked what motivates me to do this. What is my agenda. How much money do I make? I first off tell them if I did this to make money, I'd have quit a long time ago..I get a much greater kick from a child who hears and sees live music for the first time. As their parents are walking away, the parents are dragging their child since they have stopped walking and are looking back at me. Not just children find me interesting to say the least. I get filmed alot. I sometimes ask them to send the film. I have a new friend maybe on facebook now...But, more important on the street you get truly honest feedback bouncing different musical ideas and flavors off folks passing by. My songs aren't played on the radio a million times. If one day that happens, I guess, I could live with that, but to be honest that probably doesn't matter much. I am not quite old enough to have been a center of influence during the psychedelic sixties. I would have enjoyed that time with what I have now in my musical arsenal. I can completely relate to the Travelling Wilbery's. Go to anywhere town, play music, play it loud, do it well, and your audience will come and stay. I don't have a jet or a tour bus, so I have resolved myself to not care and say let them come to me. I don't have a studio. The streets are my practice space. If or until something more meaningful comes along, I will continue bouncing musical energies off strangers out on the street. Because my friends are kind, and will tell me what I want to hear. I need to see what works while In a workspace that's cool and impartial. The streets work fine for that... I don't have a helper to carry around my equipment and parking costs money downtown. So, I often travel light. No stand. I sit on the sidewalk. Or my gig bag. And use a car battery to hook into my power supply. I use a rescue 900, it's rechargable with a cigarette lighter attachment on the battery. I have a cord I plug into the unit with the other plug end of the lighter unit.It's not that hard to rig. You probably won't be allowed to use city electricty. They have patrols who look for those kind of anomalies...But, with your own power supply, they really can't tell you to scram. I tell police, please don't run over art like a soviet tank. I am out here because I need someone to tell me the truth whether it rocks solid or falls flat. They leave you alone if you explain to them you are an artist, not just garbage that needs to be hauled away. Plus, if it helps to be polite and a good musician.I feel the streets belong to everyone as does good music. The streets don't belong to just those in the vicinity who own the property or put up a shingle as I feel music shouldn't be reserved only for those rich enough to afford a ticket. I love commerce as well as concerts don't get me wrong, but I feel too much commerce doesn't mix with concerts. I play for everyone. Rich, poor, all nations. Music is a universal language. It's inside of us all.
I feel more beautiful and so are you, when you or I are singing and playing our song(S) . So, these are my best reasons why
it works for me. Why I am burning the candle. How my pilot light stays on. I don't have a tour bus. I suggest you order my C.D. both of them after you get the first one.C.D. Baby is too cumbersome. right now.I don't generally do open mics..That's just putting salt in the wound for other developing musical artist I am not a sadist, nor am I competitive about my work....What's the point? If there is a tour for me, it will show up and it will be the right people, the right time, and coming from the heart, where music lives.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Little Miss Today

Little miss someday
You'll be ridin in big fancy cars
Little Miss Someday
baby be a superstar
Little Miss Someday
you're gonna walk with me
little miss Someday
won't be a firefly under a jar
for just your mom and dad to see.

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