Buddy Bee Anthony

Buddy Bee Anthony Quotes

  • ''there is a time to fish and a time to mend your nets.''
    My Eastern European Immigrant Paternal grandfather's saying.
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  • ''The harder you work, the luckier you get.''
    My father's advice that still rings in my ears. Dad knew things...
  • ''nobody really listened to me until after I was dead.
    Thanks for finally listening...

    quotation to be put on my tombstone.''
    my voice blowing softly over hill and valley
  • ''Can't you see the roadmap of life written on my face
    and the tattoos burning hot from my insides.''
    Buddy Bee Anthony
  • ''Dominatrix on the axis
    climbs The Tower Of Plaxis''
    came to me in a dream

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Mary's Kitchen

They say whiskey's
a poor man's woman
cash money
a rich man's wine
But, I'm goin downtown
to Mary's Kitchen
to see what I might find
I'll eat 'tators with Li'l Jimmy
soothe Jackie's troubled mind

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