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  • ''there is a time to fish and a time to mend your nets.''
    My Eastern European Immigrant Paternal grandfather's saying.
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  • ''The harder you work, the luckier you get.''
    My father's advice that still rings in my ears. Dad knew things...
  • ''There is no thrill like making it into the big top, as a main event. It's a coverall bingo
    Like a delicious sexual conquest, winning a marathon, or hitting the lottery.
    The journey is as important as the destination. Dress rehearsals for that perfect rush of adrenalin where all specials are lit, our senses on fire. The rehearsals are essential whereby smaller victories are like the numbers filling up our bingo cards.''
    Rush of Anticipation
  • ''nobody really listened to me until after I was dead.
    Thanks for finally listening...

    quotation to be put on my tombstone.''
    my voice blowing softly over hill and valley
  • ''even though most sensible more reasonable folks would agree, I can be courteous, most pleasant, even a charming man, however, being only a man, I am therefore, full of beans. One argument for relief from this conundrum of living in my skin, is impairment. To actively seek an abberant or divergent state of mind, which allows a fresh vantage point. Jonah seeing his destiny from inside the whale. Where those black magic doors of perception crack open while simultaneously being consumed by an immense, swishing, twisting, and
    ever digesting water beast.''
    To be impaired or not to be impaired...

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Drinkin Song

I often drink until I hit the floor

God bless my favorite all night liquor store

Of course I'll sober up when I'm asleep

So, I may then start countin drunken, flyin, sheep

To boldly swig a shot to meet the day

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