Budlea Ni Mhaolfhabhail

Biography of Budlea Ni Mhaolfhabhail

Look, listen, taste, feel, hear and sense
All around you, be awake to the world, sleep
soundly and wake with a little tent of blue
heaven in the sky. On cloudy days, climb the
stairs and reach for the stars....

To write is to dream. And to dream to write
is the best dream of all.... to love, to lose,
to love again.... to love life is what we are
made to do. Otherwise, the darkness prevails
and that is not permissible....

A writer writes so write! ! !

An ordinary gal in a crazy world...

Budlea Ni Mhaolfhabhail's Works:

Several Irish language poems and a short story,
Under review presently....

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In The Purple Light

Somewhere out there, the cuckoo's call
Haunts the empty, early morning streets
As she flits from ground to branch and back
Again, searching for her long lost nest...

And here, lying close to you - I feel your
Breath upon my skin and the pulse beats
Warily within, causing an eruption of fire -
A baptism of tenderness and new found love.

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