Bulent Karaalioglu Poems

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North Wind - Wind In The Streets

Wind in the streets, love on my mind
Old rains at midnight
They sing quietly, softly
The one I miss is far away now

The Way Old Friends-A Urgent Call For A Scream

The Way Old Friends 'Times of joy and times of sorrow
We'll see it every time
Oh, I don't care what happens tomorrow
We can face it together

No Vaccine

What's not vaccinated? There's no vaccine for what?
There's no vaccine for thoughtful ageing.
There is no such happiness vaccine
Requiem for a dream


Hunger hooks even the cleverest fish. - Goethe
Hunger is such a low door that, when it becomes necessary to pass through it, the greater one is, the more one bends.
- Victor Hugo

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