Bullion Grey

Biography of Bullion Grey

Called forth from Mystery, to live in unknowingness, met with passerby's and others, some who left their mark. Currently fluctuating in unknowingness, following my sight and sound.....just a speck in God's Youniverse.

Bullion Grey's Works:

The Thrift Shops of Los Angeles - 1991-1994
How to Get Better Grades - 1995
The Pocket Sales Coach - 1996-97
The Volunteers Pocket Guide - 1997
The Pocket Goal Coach - 1996-97
By Dreams Possessed - Spoken Word Audio - 1999
Light Dawns Gradually - 2004 (2006 accepted in to Literary Arts Collection Santa Monica Library)
The Cosmic Wish Store - 2009
Up coming: Bullion Grey's Imagination Workshop Notebook
Bullion Grey's Notebook
What Do We Know?
Self Education - 2010

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If It Were My Last Day

If it were my last day, just what would I do?
Would I charter a plane to Timbuktu?
Would I make a special work of art for all to view?

If it were my last day what would I do? I know I wouldn't waste time trying to buy something new. I might write a verse especially for you.

If it were my last day one thing I would do, organize my will and pray alot too.

If it were my last day I'd call my enemies and friends,