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161. Mount Eternity 11/8/2014
162. Rights Of A Poet 11/8/2014
163. Remember 3/31/2017
164. ......Bribe Me With Sunny Days.... 12/6/2009
165. It Is A New Day 10/2/2009
166. If Love Was A Drop Of Water 10/15/2009
167. A Free Form 10/17/2009
168. A Mixing Of....To A Poem 9/30/2009
169. A Bird That Is I 9/13/2009
170. You Lived My Life, And I Lived Yours 7/26/2009
171. A Mystical Chamber Of Imagination 9/6/2009
172. My Fur Pajamas 4/26/2009
173. The Imaginateur 4/26/2009
174. I'M Not Here 4/21/2009
175. Pickets 5/21/2009
176. Be Love 4/11/2009
177. In The Shadow Of A Common Place 3/17/2009
178. Would We Know That The Rainbows Were Stolen? 3/16/2009
179. Lucky # 7 3/21/2009
180. God See's Us Through Our Eye's 3/21/2009
181. Love, May It Find You One Day 6/3/2009
182. Words, Symbols Of Thought 6/15/2009
183. Its Later Than Its Ever Been 9/21/2009
184. Paying Attention 10/27/2009
185. A Tiny Blood Cell 7/6/2013
186. A Few Minutes Ago 6/16/2009
187. Visit, Or Stop By.... 9/25/2009
188. Everlasting Life? 7/25/2009
189. 12 New Ideas 3/18/2009
190. Nature 4/1/2009
191. The Elephant Man 11/21/2009
192. Cloud, Sky & Wind 11/8/2014
193. Letter To A Friend On Vacation 5/8/2009

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Letter To A Friend On Vacation

How was your flight? I hope it was as fantastic as
what I imagined it was.
I was flying with you - you know?

As you waited for the plane, boarded, searched for your seat,
got settled...waited for departure, lifted off in the wings
of hundreds of tons of steel, flying toward an uncertain future
(as we all do) , soared among the angels of the sky (clouds)
and saw that the earth was very different just a few feet away.

Yes, I was there while you stumbled to get to the bathroom,
(I waited outside) , then made your way back to your seat.
I saw you ...

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I Wrestled With A Statue

As I walked alone, it jumped on my back!
It's weight pushed me to the ground,
a rather violent attack.

It laughed in a playful tone,
I rolled and pinned it down.
Something familiar about it's dress and face -
for a moment it was hard to place,
but as it disappeared my memory came around.

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