Butterflies In My Belly Forever

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Butterflies In My Belly Forever Poems

41. Loneliness 3/1/2009
42. Quietness 3/4/2009
43. Angry Words 3/10/2009
44. Alone 3/13/2009
45. Angry People 2/24/2009
46. Silence So Loud 6/23/2007
47. Glimpse Of Me 5/1/2007
48. Why Did My Mama Have To Die? 1/5/2009
49. A Sweet Boy 2/12/2009
50. A Diamond 2/23/2009
51. I Don'T Like You Anymore 2/5/2009
52. First Meeting 11/6/2007
53. Bleeding Butterfly 5/4/2007

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Best Poem of Butterflies In My Belly Forever

Bleeding Butterfly

I'm a bleeding butterfly.
My wings are made of glass but are strong enough to carry me.
My spirit glides like the summer breeze..
Fragile yet untouched.

I'm a bleeding butterfly,
I will leave a rainbow in your sky
with a trail of tears behind me.

To love me is fatal,
To feel me is toxic.
To touch me would break me.
The thought is too much.

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Silence So Loud

Where once was the smell of love in the kitchen,
Is now filled with Silence So Loud.
Where once was the sound of love and laughter is now filled with the smell of emptiness...
and echoes that return what seems like forever.

There in the room where she took her last breath is the darkness that fills a thousand holes...
bits and peices of material things left somehow reveal the stories told.
The flashesof memories - of lives lived, hurts healed and loved ones there.
The air is so thick b

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