Butterflies In My Belly Forever

Rookie (5-30-76 / Tennessee)

Butterflies In My Belly Forever Poems

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53. Bleeding Butterfly 5/4/2007
Best Poem of Butterflies In My Belly Forever

Bleeding Butterfly

I'm a bleeding butterfly.
My wings are made of glass but are strong enough to carry me.
My spirit glides like the summer breeze..
Fragile yet untouched.

I'm a bleeding butterfly,
I will leave a rainbow in your sky
with a trail of tears behind me.

To love me is fatal,
To feel me is toxic.
To touch me would break me.
The thought is too much.

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Leave Me Alone.

I do not care what you have to say to me.
Your words are of no meaning.
You walk this earth yet you don't exist,
Your love for me, I must resist.
You manipulate me and you lie.
Why can't I tell you good-bye?
This awful merry go round that we are on
Noone will win.
My will is strong as the mighty oak..

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