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Butterfly Lee poet

I love writing poems
I think it helps me express myself
to people and family
I love to hear peoples opinon on my stuff
Please feel free to comment my poems in anyway
and if you have any advice or suggestions
Please feel free to tell me
Thank You!

Butterfly Lee's Works:

No, But I wish I did!
That would be soo cool!
Maybe Someday...

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...Wanting To Grow Up

Remember when nothing ever had a 'double meaning.'
Kissing was nasty && boys had cooties.
You were popular if you had a new toy, not if you were a jerk.
People liked you if you were nice, not 'cool.'
Wearing a skirt didn't make you nasty.
Your friends would always be on your side and nothing would get
between you.
If you were friends with a boy, it didn't mean you liked him.
The only thing you drank was grape juice.

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