Buyunde Acura Sylivester

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Biography of Buyunde Acura Sylivester

Born of a mother and father, I was the firstborn among four siblings of Mr. and Mrs. Buyunde; two girls and the remaining were boys. I being the firstborn, Kevin being the second, Phylevian the third and Sylvia the very last. By bad lack I lost them all to heaven including sweet mum just on a normal death. Silvia and Phylevian died same year (2000) respectively only within a period of two weeks! Kevin died on 25th December,2001 and mummy kicked the bucket on 12th April,2002. WHAT A GREMLIN!
I still grew strong under the care of step mother.
I'd learnt in five Primary schools since my father was a teacher and each time he got a transfer from one school to another we had to vacate together with him. Bujumba, Eshirumbwe, Buhuyi, Burinda and finally Bulimbo were the primary school I went through respectively. I joined Lubinu Boy High School in 2006 to 2009. In 2012, I joined Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology for. a degree in Education Science, Chemistry and Physics; in which am also good at.
About my marital status? aye! Am married to a fellow poet and poetry lover, the breeze of my heart, the mother to my heart comfort, call her Dorcas Akinyi Wagude. Beauty queen. The chosen sole gem. Married since late 2012.
To talk about my poetry passion and skills, all I can say for now is that IT'S MY HOBBY. I like reading minds and learning minds. It gives me a competitive world not with strain but with fun chain to express myself in free words. I begun poetry at the age of nine but fear dominated me and I kept all for myself but I used to write article daily on deferent issues across Kenya as a nation but again still I could let no one see my work. But i think it was great. Upto now none of my work has been released but wait and expect one very soon, in the name of COMING SOON.

Buyunde Acura Sylivester's Works:

Comming soon. Poemstorm publishers (2011) Updates

A Good Sermon

A good sermon should be like,
A miniskirt:
Short enough to arouse interest,
Long enough to cover the essentials.
Okay, seal my lips
Since silence is the only statement
That has zero misquote

Please this is not blasphemy,

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