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Rookie (june 7,1994 / philippines)

Biography of by her

people, my name is *******. it's secret. but people in school call me jami, M.A or. you may call me by that way. i was formerly an editor in our school mag but then i transfered to another club which i regret the most. so nothing more. and i love fighting. i'm a silent fighter. at present, i'll make a very good essay because i want to return to our school mag organization and if they like my work, then i could be a staffer again.

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Sun and rain have come and passed,
You and I, I don't know how long we'll last.
Years and days we've spent together,
Decades and centuries we'll share forever.
Many people have come and go,
But all I want is for you to know.
There'll be no one better than you,
There'll be no one. This I swear is true.

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