Byron Cornell Ford II

Rookie ((May 13th,1988- / New York)

Byron Cornell Ford II Poems

81. Book 1 12/30/2008
82. Dense Simplicity 12/30/2008
83. Each N Every 1 12/30/2008
84. Metal Boxers 12/30/2008
85. Saves Us All 12/30/2008
86. Revolving Door Policy 12/30/2008
87. Obstruction 12/30/2008
88. Trail Of Fire 1/2/2009
89. Hippietrippie 1/2/2009
90. L Ollipop S Ugar D Agger 1/2/2009
91. If I Was You 11/1/2006
92. Almost Lost Everything...2 Her 11/1/2006
93. Coming 2 Futuristik Terms 3/8/2006
94. P.O.S. 3/12/2006
95. Search For Her 3/12/2006
96. So Much Of Me Left 3/12/2006
97. Free 2 3/8/2006
98. Tears Behind The Smile 3/8/2006
99. The Genuwine Pickup Line 12/19/2005
100. Day Our Eyes Came To Meet 12/19/2005
101. My French Poem 1/27/2008
102. K-12 Love: Volume I: Kindergarten Love 3/17/2006
103. Pryor To Richard 1/3/2006
104. 1.6.06 1/6/2006
105. Finally Found A Description 3/8/2006
106. Rose 12/29/2005

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The Gun went off
She fell into the abyss I promised I'd never let her fall into.
I failed her
Could'nt save her this time
No poem could make her smile...This Time
This Time I really messed up
It's my fault mi amor can't get up
She's laying there
The worst part is Her eyes are Open
I used to tell her my future was seen in them eyes
Not only did I tell her that, but I truely believed it
Believed it so much, that for 8 months after she fell
I could'nt bring myself to rise
Her favorite poem was by Maya Angelou
Phenomenal Woman
She was easily...

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Church Story (Freewrite)

Walking into the church I see their eyes
I came to praise, they came to criticize
if I wouldve been told about the glances, I wouldnt have looked so suprised
I would've came in disguise
that way, my identity wouldnt have fell victim to their lies.
I almost witnessed my own demise
The devil somehow entered the church and he's planted some spies.

Everytime I go into the church looking for an answer

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