C. Albert Andrews

C. Albert Andrews Poems

1. A Return To Peace 7/23/2012
2. Candy 7/24/2012
3. Cape Coast Castle 7/23/2012
4. Courage 1/29/2014
5. Did You Get It? 7/26/2012
6. Haiti Be Strong 10/13/2012
7. Heroes 7/23/2012
8. I Am Gone 10/19/2013
9. Judging Me 7/26/2012
10. Left On The Rock 7/26/2012
11. Let's Sail 7/24/2012
12. Life In The Village 11/15/2013
13. Life's Cycle 4/26/2014
14. Michelle K, Amanda B And Georgina D (The Horror Of Cleveland) 3/18/2014
15. My Visit To The Country Side 7/31/2012
16. Naiomi 7/24/2012
17. Nightmare 11/6/2013
18. Pains Of Predjudice 7/30/2012
19. Plantation Pains 7/30/2012
20. Questions 10/13/2012
21. Rendezvous In The Rain 7/25/2012
22. Senses 7/30/2012
23. She Is Waiting 10/13/2012
24. Summer Fling 7/25/2012
25. That School 10/13/2012
26. The Dream 7/26/2012
27. This Street Life 10/19/2013
28. Today I Shine 7/23/2012
29. War And The Elusive Peace 7/23/2012
30. We Are Not There Yet 1/21/2013
Best Poem of C. Albert Andrews


In fields of white crosses our heroes lay
In tombs marked with boldness
The courage they displayed
So let's remember in every way
Our country honors our heroes today.
In fields of flowers ours heroes lay
Knowing what they gave can't be repaid
Their lives cut short and taken away
Let's not forget the price they've paid
So let's honor these heroes everyday
In fields of green grasses our heroes lay
Believing the struggles will continue today
Not only at home I am sorry to say
But across the globe together each day
Our veterans and heroes be respected ...

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Cape Coast Castle

Stench of waste and decaying flesh
Poured out from caves with human breath
Men and women all soaking wet
In tears from pain and backs with sweat,
Cape Coast Castle, a sure mark of death
Crammed like herrings in caves below
In dark deep dungeon, damp and hallow.
Human cry from distant echoed
Flew pass ears of heartless fellows,

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