C. E. Laine

Rookie (November 1968 / Texas, USA)

Biography of C. E. Laine

Laine is a 2 time Pushcart Prize Nominee. She lives in Virginia, in the shadow of crow’s wings passing over as they fly off buildings shorter than the Washington Monument in nearby DC. She is left handed, was once an “extra” in a movie with Nicholas Cage, and spends spare time (when there is any) flying around in old warbirds. Laine is a two-time Pushcart Prize Nominee (2004 and 2005) . She has written three full-length volumes of poetry (Allegory, The Weight Of Dust, and Postcards From A Summer Girl) and three chapbooks (Suburban Fairy Tales of Brilliant Ash and Blue Sins, with Michael Paul Ladanyi; Alice in Wonderland; Origami Flower) . She is editor of Little Poem Press, VLQ (Verse Libre Quarterly) , and Erosha. Her work has been appeared in several anthologies and countless publications, both in print and online. For more information: http: //www.celaine.com/

C. E. Laine's Works:

Suburban Fairy Tales of Brilliant Ash and Blue Sins
Postcards From A Summer Girl
Origami Flower
Alice In Wonderland (Poems)
The Weight of Dust

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From Hazarajat With Love

You were preoccupied, busy
chaffing the sky with leaden
tick-click snap bombs that opened up
the ground, lifting dirt for graves.
You changed the air to rotten eggs
and match stick fumes, your slender
razors were aubergine arms embracing
the heavens you chapped.