C. Michelle Olson

Biography of C. Michelle Olson

A writer and photographer who identifies with people and nature. A lover of life whose writing reflects such. A cheerful woman who believes in the power of positivity and appreciating our wonderful world. People can make a difference caring about each other through love and respect. Also, we can appreciate our world by advocating a 'Green World.' Love is the best medicine~

C. Michelle Olson's Works:

Wishing On A Star Poetry
http: //www.cmichelleolson.com

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Seasons Of Life

A Winter's Season feels ever so departed
I wonder whatever happened to the season of Winter
Like A Clock Ticks Away Time
Season's Briskly Move Through Life
The season's arrival and departure are like the entrances and exits of life
Spring impatiently waits for a turn to splash her bright green, pink, purple, and yellow colors of pastel
Flowers sprout a new cycle of life
Trees, provide a respite for birds of flight
Summer excitedly wishes to arrive

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