C.R. Ebowski

Rookie (Living in my reality / Dying in the world)

C.R. Ebowski Poems

81. My Legacy 2/6/2007
82. The War Room 2/6/2007
83. Just To Be Here 6/30/2007
84. Running Away 7/21/2007
85. Evolution Of Life 5/15/2007
86. Crowd 2/4/2007
87. Clothes Make The Man 4/24/2007
88. Murphy's Law 2/20/2007
89. Report Card 2/8/2007
90. Paid In Full 3/3/2007
91. Judgement Day 2/6/2007
92. Bar 2/7/2007
93. Advice 2/3/2007
94. Nothing More To Say 1/31/2007
95. My Final Words 4/24/2007
96. And Time Marches On 4/24/2007
97. Disownment 3/8/2007
98. Evolution 3/21/2007
99. Pissed Off 2/27/2007
100. Delusions Of A Sane Person 6/3/2007
101. Waiting For Him 5/14/2007
102. 100 Year Flood 5/14/2007
103. Vacation 6/11/2007
104. Secrets 2/6/2007
105. About Me 2/7/2007
106. Life 2/22/2007
107. Fantasizing 4/25/2007
108. That's Death 5/14/2007
109. Crash 2/5/2007
110. Battling Demons 2/6/2007
111. Retirement 6/30/2007
112. Your Lies 2/22/2007
113. What I Have Not Forgotten 6/4/2007

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What I Have Not Forgotten

Principles are yelled at the top of lungs
Spitting daggers of truth
Deflating the bubbles of lies
That shields the ignorant from reality
Integrity is a word lost in translation
Associated with others like accountability
It is now banished from the vocabulary
Webster has ripped that page from the seams
But there is still hope
The ink has bled onto the great American flag
Reminders of values that bind us together
Unfortunately there are those who believe
That the ink stained flag should be spot treated
Thrown into the wash cycle with high agitation
And ...

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Nothing More To Say

I stare at this computer waiting for the perfect,
Inspirational words to flow across the screen,
But my mind becomes clouded with the darkness
That has consumed my decrepit excuse for a human being.

Venture on the wild side and dare to take a walk in my dreams
And you too can stumble around the claustrophobic closet,
Sorting through the familiar ghosts of past and present.
Leaving is easy; just leave your soul for a small deposit.

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