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C Richard Miles Poems

441. The Shy Christmas Tree And The Hundred Fairy Lights 12/12/2008
442. Sunlight Shards In The Wild Woods 12/10/2008
443. An Early Start 12/10/2008
444. Farewell Woolies 12/8/2008
445. Aygill Force 12/4/2008
446. View From Rhossili Down 11/24/2008
447. Tattered Shreds: A Requiem For A Lost Youth 11/21/2008
448. Undercurrents Of Unease – A Haiku 11/18/2008
449. War Drums 11/12/2008
450. Who Is Worse Off? 2/13/2009
451. Season's Sentiments 11/30/2010
452. Dawn Soup Haiku 11/30/2010
453. Do-Gooders - A Limerick 11/14/2009
454. The Cherry Blossom's Out 3/26/2009
455. Spring Fashion 4/23/2009
456. Easter Chocolate 4/20/2009
457. A Sonnet On Spring Bulbs 1/19/2009
458. Fog’s Dilemma – A Haiku 1/13/2009
459. Melting Snowmen 2/12/2009
460. Hope Hanging On At Heathrow 2/3/2009
461. Technology? ? ? ! ! ! 11/12/2008
462. New Year's Day On Brighton Pier 11/12/2008
463. The French Lion’s Tooth Airborne Division 11/19/2008
464. I’ve Finished With Moving The Stationery 12/3/2008
465. Christmas Rose 12/11/2008
466. The Giraffe Who Might Be Lying 1/30/2009
467. Elephant On The Telephone 3/5/2009
468. Now Spring Is Sprung 11/14/2009
469. Christmas Presence 12/11/2009
470. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks 7/2/2009
471. Washday Mondays 7/30/2009
472. A Rabbit With A Habit 11/30/2010
473. Mirror Cinquain 7/12/2010
474. Green Shoots In The Snow 1/1/2010
475. Anti-Sonnet 4/20/2009
476. The Photocopier 8/13/2009
477. Silent Mill Sonnet 5/22/2011
478. Cotter Force 11/21/2008
479. Hymn To St. Pancras 12/8/2008
480. Barren Land 12/10/2008

Comments about C Richard Miles

  • Jackie Lee (12/5/2015 7:30:00 PM)

    I'd like to use a poem written by C. Richard Miles as a not for profit short film. Who must I contact for the usage rights? I don't see his publisher anywhere.

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  • Laurette Evans (4/18/2011 9:24:00 AM)

    The Choral Society that I belong to would like to use Cotton Mills as the words to a commissioned piece of music. Would you give your permission for us to do this? The Choral Society website is www.burychoralsociety.com or you could contact me at l.evans@bolton.ac.uk

    Laurette Evans

Best Poem of C Richard Miles

Zoo Fruit Feeding Time

At the zoo's fruit feeding time:
An ape ate a grape, .
A porcupine ate a lime,
A skate ate a date,

A ferret ate a cherry,
A baboon ate a prune,
A bear ate a pear,
An opossum ate a plum,

A wolverine ate a tangerine.
An armadillo ate a tamarillo,
A bunny rabbit ate a pomegranate,
A gorilla ate vanilla,

A pig ate a fig,
A newt ate a grapefruit,
A lynx ate quince,
A wombat ate a kumquat,

A macaw ate a pawpaw,
An eland ate a lemon,
A llama ate a guava,
An elephant ate a melon,

A tamarin ate a mandarin,...

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Russet Rustlings

I rustle through crisp clusters of lost, crunching leaves
Which gather, bunched and rusting russet, in the thickets
And sniff the wafting, musty, fusty, rustic scents
Of fungal undergrowth amongst sparse, once-lush bushes.

Last, rash, brash leaflets stick to sycamore and ash
But soon shall slip their tenuous grips and hustle, fluttering
To forest’s floor to settle, nestled in moist mash
To match the close-lopped, coppiced brushwood’s patchwork carpet.

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