C Richard Miles

C Richard Miles Poems

481. Hope Hanging On At Heathrow 2/3/2009
482. Melting Snowmen 2/12/2009
483. Toasting Cheese 2/13/2009
484. The Cherry Blossom's Out 3/26/2009
485. Easter Chocolate 4/20/2009
486. A Faithful Friend 3/12/2009
487. Spring Fashion 4/23/2009
488. Do-Gooders - A Limerick 11/14/2009
489. Rocket 12/1/2009
490. Dawn Soup Haiku 11/30/2010
491. Zoo Fruit Feeding Time 6/6/2011
492. A Rabbit With A Habit 11/30/2010
493. Christmas Presence 12/11/2009
494. Now Spring Is Sprung 11/14/2009
495. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks 7/2/2009
496. Washday Mondays 7/30/2009
497. Elephant On The Telephone 3/5/2009
498. The Giraffe Who Might Be Lying 1/30/2009
499. Christmas Rose 12/11/2008
500. School Trip To London Zoo 1/28/2009
501. Anti-Sonnet 4/20/2009
502. Cotter Force 11/21/2008
503. The Photocopier 8/13/2009
504. Green Shoots In The Snow 1/1/2010
505. Silent Mill Sonnet 5/22/2011
506. Mirror Cinquain 7/12/2010
507. A Sense Of Spring 5/22/2011
508. Cherry Blossom 3/2/2010
509. Have Courage 3/2/2010
510. Education – The Beat Of The Street 6/1/2009
511. Snow In April 11/13/2009
512. City Fox, Country Fox 11/19/2008
513. Barren Land 12/10/2008
514. Treasured Memories 1/28/2009
515. How I Hate Helplines - A Limerick 11/21/2008
516. Backtrack (A Reverse Cinquain) 7/12/2010
517. Viking Haiku 12/1/2009
518. The Sprinter 2/3/2009
519. Fancy Dress Invite 3/5/2009
520. A Sonnet On Hate 1/20/2009

Comments about C Richard Miles

  • Jackie Lee (12/5/2015 7:30:00 PM)

    I'd like to use a poem written by C. Richard Miles as a not for profit short film. Who must I contact for the usage rights? I don't see his publisher anywhere.

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  • Laurette Evans (4/18/2011 9:24:00 AM)

    The Choral Society that I belong to would like to use Cotton Mills as the words to a commissioned piece of music. Would you give your permission for us to do this? The Choral Society website is www.burychoralsociety.com or you could contact me at l.evans@bolton.ac.uk

    Laurette Evans

Best Poem of C Richard Miles

False Teeth - A Children's Poem

Our teacher had false teeth;
She kept them in a box
Inside the classroom cupboard
Which she forgot to lock,
So we broke in at break-time
And took them out to play.
They fell into a puddle
And turned a muddy grey.

We gave them back to teacher;
She had to grit her teeth
Or, rather, to de-grit them
For grit was underneath
Under the muddy covering
Mixed with her chewing gum.
This made her gums quite tender;
She didn’t find it fun.

But later we regretted
The mischief that we’d made;
When lessons stopped for playtime,
Our teacher...

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Aftermath Of An Election

That day, dank drizzle drifted,
Insinuating itself wearily
Upon still-sleeping city streets,
Which begrudged grey globs of gum
Discarded on pallid paving-stones.

Skies, scowling, sagged
And tugged away
At any sign of cheerfulness,

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