C Richard Miles

C Richard Miles Poems

201. The Curious, True Saga Of Mally And The Bulbs 2/3/2009
202. Evening Pause For Thought 2/3/2009
203. Walk With Me 2/3/2009
204. Two Contrasting Girls 2/3/2009
205. Stormy Evening 2/3/2009
206. Nightclub Nightfall - An Englyn 2/3/2009
207. Mood Music 2/11/2009
208. Middle-Age Knocks 2/11/2009
209. Cold Rain Doesn’t Wash Away Everything 2/11/2009
210. Church Path 2/11/2009
211. In The Stillness 2/12/2009
212. Unrequited Valentine 2/12/2009
213. Hi, Kew - A Haiku 2/13/2009
214. A Frayed Knot – A Haiku 2/13/2009
215. Who Is Worse Off? 2/13/2009
216. The Renewal Of The Old Newel 2/13/2009
217. Remembered Hallowe’ens Of Childhood 2/13/2009
218. A Single Tribute 2/13/2009
219. Was Moses A Basket-Case? – A Haiku 2/25/2009
220. Regeneration For The Next Generation 2/25/2009
221. Staying Faithful 2/27/2009
222. The Horses In Haymarket 2/27/2009
223. Autumn Promises 2/27/2009
224. Hold, Tyrant Time 2/27/2009
225. Lament For Leaf Loss 2/27/2009
226. Cinderella 2/27/2009
227. Late Spring 3/5/2009
228. Bradford Is Shut On A Monday 3/5/2009
229. God, Who Made The Frost 3/5/2009
230. November Moors 2/13/2009
231. This Is Not Just A Jam Sandwich; It’s An M&S Jam Sandwich 2/25/2009
232. Reflection On Jackson Pollock’s Summertime 9a 2/25/2009
233. Meteor Shower 3/5/2009
234. Away With Work 3/16/2009
235. Dishevelled Now 3/16/2009
236. Ash Trees 3/16/2009
237. The Fading Flowers Of Autumn 3/16/2009
238. Minature Marauders 3/16/2009
239. Arm Me For The Fight 3/16/2009
240. Forest Storm 3/16/2009

Comments about C Richard Miles

  • Jackie Lee (12/5/2015 7:30:00 PM)

    I'd like to use a poem written by C. Richard Miles as a not for profit short film. Who must I contact for the usage rights? I don't see his publisher anywhere.

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  • Laurette Evans (4/18/2011 9:24:00 AM)

    The Choral Society that I belong to would like to use Cotton Mills as the words to a commissioned piece of music. Would you give your permission for us to do this? The Choral Society website is www.burychoralsociety.com or you could contact me at l.evans@bolton.ac.uk

    Laurette Evans

Best Poem of C Richard Miles

Zoo Fruit Feeding Time

At the zoo's fruit feeding time:
An ape ate a grape, .
A porcupine ate a lime,
A skate ate a date,

A ferret ate a cherry,
A baboon ate a prune,
A bear ate a pear,
An opossum ate a plum,

A wolverine ate a tangerine.
An armadillo ate a tamarillo,
A bunny rabbit ate a pomegranate,
A gorilla ate vanilla,

A pig ate a fig,
A newt ate a grapefruit,
A lynx ate quince,
A wombat ate a kumquat,

A macaw ate a pawpaw,
An eland ate a lemon,
A llama ate a guava,
An elephant ate a melon,

A tamarin ate a mandarin,...

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War Drums

Doom! Doom! Doom!
Wild war drums shake the ground
And tyrannise once-tranquil streets
With stirring, martial sound

Stamp! Stamp! Stamp!
A thousand, marching feet
Re-echo loud the strong refrain
Of that compulsive beat.

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