C Richard Miles

C Richard Miles Poems

241. Studio Suggestions Of Spring 3/5/2009
242. I’m Never Stuck For Words Until I Need Them 3/5/2009
243. Canterbury Bells 3/12/2009
244. London Fashion Victim 3/12/2009
245. Don’t Ask Me To Multitask 3/26/2009
246. Boy On A Bus 3/26/2009
247. (wonga Wangling For A Dongle) 3/26/2009
248. Meadow Melody 4/20/2009
249. Langstrothdale View 4/20/2009
250. On Having A Poem Copied By Someone Else 3/5/2009
251. Power Breaking – A Haiku 3/5/2009
252. The End Of The Race To Winter 4/20/2009
253. G20 4/20/2009
254. The Quiet Folk 4/20/2009
255. Four Last Songs 4/20/2009
256. The Old Miner 4/23/2009
257. Pheasant 4/23/2009
258. November 4/23/2009
259. I Will Eat That Plum 4/28/2009
260. Ticking Clock For Ticking Boxes 4/28/2009
261. Bus Ride To Hebden Bridge 4/28/2009
262. Reflection On Ghost By Kader Attia At The Saatchi Gallery 5/6/2009
263. Not Mint 5/6/2009
264. Yellow 5/6/2009
265. Broody Garden Pheasant 5/11/2009
266. Haworth Methodists 5/11/2009
267. Press Pandemic 5/11/2009
268. Bishopdale Colours 5/11/2009
269. I Have Never Been To Newbiggin 5/11/2009
270. Beware The Wolf 5/22/2009
271. Men On A Bench 6/1/2009
272. Shaky Snaky Figures 6/1/2009
273. Too Much Of Love 6/1/2009
274. A Week Under The Weather 6/1/2009
275. Laconic Lament For Lines 6/1/2009
276. Slow Bus Sonnet 7/2/2009
277. Mushroom Picking 7/2/2009
278. Fat Lad In Clapton 7/8/2009
279. Soothing Summer Storm 7/8/2009
280. After The Summer Fayre 7/8/2009

Comments about C Richard Miles

  • Jackie Lee (12/5/2015 7:30:00 PM)

    I'd like to use a poem written by C. Richard Miles as a not for profit short film. Who must I contact for the usage rights? I don't see his publisher anywhere.

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  • Laurette Evans (4/18/2011 9:24:00 AM)

    The Choral Society that I belong to would like to use Cotton Mills as the words to a commissioned piece of music. Would you give your permission for us to do this? The Choral Society website is www.burychoralsociety.com or you could contact me at l.evans@bolton.ac.uk

    Laurette Evans

Best Poem of C Richard Miles

Zoo Fruit Feeding Time

At the zoo's fruit feeding time:
An ape ate a grape, .
A porcupine ate a lime,
A skate ate a date,

A ferret ate a cherry,
A baboon ate a prune,
A bear ate a pear,
An opossum ate a plum,

A wolverine ate a tangerine.
An armadillo ate a tamarillo,
A bunny rabbit ate a pomegranate,
A gorilla ate vanilla,

A pig ate a fig,
A newt ate a grapefruit,
A lynx ate quince,
A wombat ate a kumquat,

A macaw ate a pawpaw,
An eland ate a lemon,
A llama ate a guava,
An elephant ate a melon,

A tamarin ate a mandarin,...

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Aftermath Of An Election

That day, dank drizzle drifted,
Insinuating itself wearily
Upon still-sleeping city streets,
Which begrudged grey globs of gum
Discarded on pallid paving-stones.

Skies, scowling, sagged
And tugged away
At any sign of cheerfulness,

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