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1. U Tell Me Things 3/4/2006
2. Confused 3/4/2006
3. Why Me 3/4/2006
4. Cause Pain 3/4/2006
5. Undesired 3/4/2006
6. For My Friend 3/4/2006
7. Misbelief 3/4/2006
8. Suicide Lover 3/4/2006
9. Envey 3/4/2006
10. Pushed And Pulled 3/3/2006
11. If I Died 4/8/2006
12. Friends To Foes 7/31/2006
13. My Friend 7/31/2006
14. Pain 7/31/2006
15. Stars And Dreams 12/17/2008
16. That Little Town 12/17/2008
17. Copper Wish 12/17/2008
18. Watch 12/17/2008
19. Fears 12/17/2008
20. Tears Fall Down 12/17/2008
21. Words Or Touch 12/17/2008
22. Wondering 12/17/2008
23. Time 12/17/2008
24. The Things U Know 3/10/2009
25. Will I 3/10/2009
26. Confused Thoughts 3/10/2009
27. Trying 12/17/2008
28. Who I Am 7/31/2006
29. These Walls 3/3/2006
30. I Slit My Wrist 3/5/2006

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I Slit My Wrist

I slit my wrist
and watch the blood drip down
as it carry's away the pain
And as I fall to the ground
I think about the pain that's being drained
As I slip into a restless sleep
I think about what i did this week
As i think i start to cry
For I feel sorrow
For the rejection and the fear of tomorrow
I rise awake to grab a knife
then slice away
doing so again and again
till it all bleeds away
I look at the knife
And the blood spilled on the floor
And wonders 'why does it poor? '
I start to feel relief
for only a brief
of time shall I be ...

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These Walls

I like it in here
cause there is no fear
no matter how hard people try
they wont make me cry
these walls take it away
cause there's no reason to pay
Like there is no pain
the walls will always contain
the sorrow i feel

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